Sectet Santas

“Should we do it now?” oh God, do what? I thought, what now? We’d already done a blood test, pulled from his finger; that had hymolized before it got to the lab. What next? “Mom, Dad, Gage can you come out here please?”***yes, the nurses call us mom and dad*** when we came out of our room they gave us this…

Totally better than a finger prick blood draw!! Gagers LOVED it! He loves the bell, he loves the peddles! He loves it all! Thank you so much to Liam and His mom Nancy H. ***I try not to use names, but I’ve never met these people, so I think I’m ok, I hope*** Who thought to brighten up a little boys life, during his hospital stay. They didn’t just bring Gagers a gift they brought us a beautiful picture frame and toys for all the kids staying in peds right now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And a huge thanks to the “Scale” family, who happen to be my Besties too, for bringing us the cutest table top tree, and gifts for Gagers and us as well!! But most importantly thank you, for driving down to visit us, and always thinking of us! We love you guys so much and are blessed to know you!!

6 responses to “Sectet Santas

  1. Too cute!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!

  3. We wouldnt have wanted to be anywhere else! wish we could have stayed longer but it was late! We love u all so very much and the drive is totally worth it!

  4. yay! Im glad its looking happier in there, love you guys!

  5. I have the biggest smile right now looking at him with that bike. That is just awesome.

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