Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

Guess what?

That’s what chicken butt! Ok on a more serious note Gagers is back in the hospital. Old news, you say? Well we are not still here because of his pancreatitis, we are here because of his Candida; so HA! Candida is a yeast infection in his blood, much better then other locations for yeast infections with cottage cheesy discharge ***shudder, gag*** This is not the first time Gage has dealt with candida, he first got it back in August, they wanted to take the port out then but we convinced the docs to give us time; which they did and we cleared his system of the candida. So we thought.
We weren’t so lucky this time the candida is back and we have no more time, they are removing the port on Tuesday December 7 at about 12:00pm pacific standard time. So please if you have a moment at that time tomorrow please stop and say a prayer, send Gagers positive thoughts and your love he will need it. Our oncologists want to leave the port out, and place a PICC line in his arm. It also means we may be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, on fact we it’s a strong possibility we will be here for Christmas. We hope not but if we have to have one Christmas in the hospital in order to have so many more at home with Gage we can accept that.
This morning one of the docs on staff attempted to put the PICC line in. Unfortunately Gage had tinky tiny veins that “float” so it was unsuccessful. Which means that they will have to try again during surgery tomorrow. They will make it an Iv in his arm then they will “thread” ***shudder. Gag*** the PICV line through his arm ***thud, I just passed out*** Gagers also had his first CT scan today, and he did crazy, awesome good on that; slept the whole time. Who cares if he was doped up on benadryl and fentanyl? Don’t judge.

That’s Gagers going into the CT machine, he looked so tiny. He also looked like he wasn’t breathing, ***he was totally fine, I swear*** but it did cause me to have quick flash backs of “that night.” Thank goodness our shift nurse, who I love was with us she was very reassuring, pointing to his chest which was rising and falling in steady rhythm. Kid is gonna kill me, I swear.