It’s a Jolly Holiday with Gage

One of the Besties came by this week and totally redecorated Gages hospital room, he loves it!

Thank you to the BEST Besties ever! We love you guys tons! Also thank you so much to OUTNUMBERED for the most thoughtful gift of a massage! It was amazing, they came here, I didnt have to do a thing and I swear I totally forgot where I was for those 45 minutes! So thank you!! XOXO

2 responses to “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Gage

  1. Aww! Gage’s room is so festive! You totally deserve a massage. Gage isn’t the only one fighting. Keep it up Lisa, you’re amazing. Hugs to you all.

  2. Looks fantastic and very festive. Outnumbered: you are the woman for hookin up the bestie with the massage.

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