Daily Archives: December 5, 2010


I delivered Gage by emergency c-section, after he was born they whisked him away because his heart rate and blood pressure were dropping. I guess he has always been a fighter. The doctors briefly held him above the curtain, but I couldn’t see anything; so my first look at Gage was about an hour and a half later after post op in my room. The room was tinky tiny, especially considering I was doubling up, fun. So after all of the commotion of squeezing my bed in, The Hubs went to put his bag in the car, because there was no way we’d both fit in our small space tonight. So Gage and I were alone for like five minutes me in my bed he in his, as I sat staring at him the nurse walked in and I whispered; can I hold him?

This is how the Hubs found us. This is something I had completely forgotten until looking through my pictures the other day. After Gages first port surgery as he lay in post op and I sat staring at him, a nurse came by and I whispered; can I hold him?