Right now

They are taking Gage in early, in fact we are just waiting for the transport nurse. His new surgery time is 11:00am Pacific Standard time please please please send your prayers, your love and your positive thoughts his way. We love you all thank you!!!

4 responses to “Right now

  1. The Ingle Family

    Extra thoughts and prayers are with all of you this am. We love you and will watch for the update today!
    Love, Logan, Cath & kids

  2. Love you gage man! Big kisses!

  3. Love you guys! Praying extra extra hard and I’m glad I jumped on here before my next class, I wouldn’t have known! Keep me posted please! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo I’m praying hard and sending every good thought I have. Love you little man

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