Leukemia, Septicemia, Candida Oh My…

Back in August after the first failed port surgery, Gage was hit hard with everything bad that could possibly happen. A couple of days after the surgery and I was cuddling with Gage, when I noticed his hands and feet were turning blue, and he was motley I informed the on call doc who came into our room and ran a battery of “touch test” checking for color return in his fingers and toes, heart rate, and blood pressure; all of which sucked ass. Then his temperature started to rise slowly at first then in a span of like sixty seconds it jumped 104.5 are you kidding me? that’s a fucking radio station, that should not be my kids temperature! I swear we had a dozen nurses standing around our room, ready to spring into action if need be. thank God, they were not needed it was scary close but he was OK, for now. The next night my mom, and the twin came for a visit, now remember my mom had just had thyroid surgery and hasn’t seen Gagers in a while. And what do you think should happen? The same Mother ‘effing thing that happened the night before! FUCK! Luckily his fever never got that high but it was pretty close and damn scary, and I didn’t want to have to share my Xanax, who knows when I’d get another refill? So how does this happen you ask? Remember that IV that was placed in his femoral artery? Well, when they removed the damn thing it turned septic and my kid almost died in front of me, again. Honestly putting an IV so close to were a kid poops and pees especially in a diaper is a bad idea, but that’s the only way he survived that furst surgery.

LALALALALA about a week or two passes and they are like “Hey Gage is doing great, wanna go home?” us: “OMG! YES!!” so off we go home a foreign place to us now, and amazingly clean thanks to the twin and the bestie for coming and cleaning while we were “locked up.” The next day we had to go back to the clinic to start our regular life of chemo, everything went smooth, until the next day when Gage woke with a 102.5 fever. I swear we made it to the hospital so fast, in my mismatched jammies and non brushed teeth. Once at the hospital Gagers temperature rose to 103.5 and they ran a battery of tests on him; because why the fuck does he keep getting these fever? Because he has CANDIDA my friends, that’s why, I mean it’s a nice place to visit, shit thing the have. Gotten from the ten anti-biotics he was on to keep him healthy. ***smirk*** That little diagnoses put us back in the hospital for like four more weeks, and that’s not even the best part. Gage was also VRE!***didn’t mention it in the post because it didn’t rhyme, duh-*** Gage is his own little infectious disease warehouse I swear to Jeebus. So up until about two weeks ago you had to wear surgical gear just to sit in the same room with us, I’m serious gown, gloves, mask the whole nine yards; the looks the other families gave us…but I guess we don’t have the VRE that we have to worry about ***snort*** so we wander the halls and our guests don’t get heat stroke when they visit, so please visit; we’re bored!

Gage yesterday, happy to not be VRE and able to ride around the pediatric unit hall ways.

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