We’re going going back back to the hospital hospital

Ok so Cali would have sounded better, but since we are already in that state, and we are headed to the hospital I had to work with what I got. Sue me. Yup, Gage woke up super ass early 6:00am and would not go back down, so I bribed him with another bottle of almond milk, which worked for like five minutes, before he was screaming his head off for me to come and get him. Dammit. Ok so we were up for the day, no biggie, we had an appointment at Toyota of Escondido to get maintenance done on my car; a four hour appointment. Shoot me now. Gage intervened though and threw up again, in front of the service guy which had him totally grossed out, and promising two guys to work on my car and he’d have it ready in an hour. Score, Gage can puke all he likes if this is the kind of service we get, next stop DMV!! but anywho, I tried to give Gagers a rice cake maybe get something bland in his tummy, no go; more puke this time dry heaving as I rush to get him over a sink. Nobody should have to clean that shit up. So I called his oncologist, who told us since his ANC was so low this week bring him into the hospital, so here we are. Fun times, I will keep you posted.

One response to “We’re going going back back to the hospital hospital

  1. Hopefully its a quick visit! Keep us posted hugs and kisses to gage

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