The Surgeons

the Surgens called the surgery a "success"Do you see the blue toy on the front left? that’s called a Singamajig all of the doctors loved them, my mother in law got it for Gage, he loves it! It is the HOT new toy for Christmas 2010 so go get one, before they are gone!!*

*I did not get paid to say that, I just love this product so does Gage.

3 responses to “The Surgeons

  1. but if you did get paid i bet youd be a little happier, right?

  2. I love you Cousins!…

  3. I LOVE our Singamajig! I bought one for Lil Mootz over the summer and he thinks its great. Granted, he gets more fun out of sticking his finger in it’s mouth, but whatever. We took it on an airplace when we went on vacation and all the seats around us, all adults mind you, were like, “I WANT one! Where did you get it?” Cracks me up 🙂

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