Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Chemo Talk

So Gage was supposed to get started on Standard Interim Maintenance, which is the third phase of chemotherapy. I say should have because his ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) was 170 and it needed to be 750, so in short we drove an hour just to be told, sorry we can’t start the next phase of chemo today; we’ll see you next monday. Damn.

On the upside two weeks ago when Gage needed a blood transfusion, how normal this has become in our life.  Well they put us in the hospital for the transfusion and his pegaspargase(PEG), and of course he has an allergic reaction to the PEG, at first he started to cough, his little face turned bright lobster red, which promptly traveled to the rest of his body; and last but not least the welts all over! Poor kid, cannot catch a break. They dosed him with Benadryl and power flushed is IV with saline to get it out of his system faster.

I promise there is a plus side to this story, at our next doctors appointment they were able to determine that instead of being in the “high risk leukemia category”  they dropped him into the standard category which is CRAZY AWESOME!! All it really means is they don’t do the last two PEGs, a vincristine, and the very best news is one less lumbar puncture!! It’s the little things like that we get excited for in this family.

These are Gages’ counts this week:

WBC’s AUTO: 1.0(A.A)

RBC, AUTO: 3.35(L)

HGB: 10.3(L)

HCT, AUTO: 30.1(L)

MCV: 89.9(H)

MCH: 30.7

MCHC: 34.1

RDW, BLOOD: 14.8(H)


MPV: 7.8

For the most part I have no idea what any of this information means, and my linking it to this page was the first time I have actually read into any leukemia related information; not because I don’t want to know but because I am terrified to know what can really happen or what it all means. As long as I know the basics I’m OK. If that makes me a bad mom so be it, I need to be this way to keep positive, to keep going, to not curl up in my bed and never get out again; besides the Hubs has read enough for the both of us.