Daily Archives: November 30, 2010

Tis the season…to get sick

Last week the Hubs got sick, Gage also successfully fought and won the dreaded cold and me I thought I was better than them both, because I didn’t get sick. HA! And of course that’s not the case, fate stepped in and said ‘eff you and gave me the headache, sore throat body achy cold like symptoms that suck ass. WTF!? I am the primary caregiver of a kid with leukemia, a kid who can be hospitalized for the smallest thing; I don’t have time for this crap.
Oh and did I forget to mention there are only like twenty-six days until Christmas? twenty-six?!! 26!! Where the hell did the year go? I swear being in the hospital for seven weeks has really screwed us over. I have seven whole weeks of forgotten, didn’t get paid jack shit from the disability checks that stopped coming over a month ago lost time. On the up and up our Christmas tree is up, yes our artificial tree, which OMG I love, no pine needles needing  vacuuming twice a day, no remembering to water the stupid thing no annoying ass people at the Christmas tree farms and most importantly no chances of tree water going moldy and Gage getting sick, in the off-chance he is neutropenic.
Pardon me for gloating, but my Christmas cards are at the printer, my shopping is almost done, the gifts I do have need to be wrapped,  and let me tell you I love wrapping presents, the bows, the ribbons, the perfectly straight cuts; *sigh*my OCD kicks into high gear this time of year. I swear stay at home moms have the life; if  I was still working I know for a fact non of this would be close to done. My only Christmas wish this year, is that Gage is well enough to have Christmas at home, not in the hospital; keep your fingers crossed people.