30. You have more meds in your cupboard than food
31. You can read your son’s chart better than his nurse
32. You look like you’re tan but it’s really Betadine stains
33. You and your hubby get matching stress tattoos for fun
34. You start teaching your daughter the parts of her body, and you point to her chest, and she says that’s her port
35. None of the security guards on the pediatric floor ask for your ID anymore, and you’re on first-name basis with the operating room staff
36. Medical students ask to borrow your notes
37. Your toddler refuses to sit on Santa’s lap because he’s too germy from all the other kids
38. You wrap presents and packages with medical tape
39. Your main source of nutrition comes from aspirin
40. Your child is more familiar with CT scan & bone scan pictures than the portrait studio!!!

4 responses to “31-40

  1. Hi Gage
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Wow you are a brave little fighter and an inspiration. U are a hero and u will be in my thoughts. I was born with a rare life threatening bone disease.

  2. Good morning Lisa, Gage and familiy…. Happy Monday… wow the list continues beyond what is written I’m sure…. My prayers continue for you, your husband, family and of course lil Gage! He truly is a “warrior” at heart and despite all that he’s going through he looks happier than ever! Keep up the fight, we’ll keep up the prayers and together with family, friends and loved ones we’ll march this battle together. :o)
    Lots of love always,
    Lisa Gamez

  3. Gage knows where his port is/was. And here I thought he was just so smart. Thanks for ruining it

  4. I just found your site and I had to add mine…
    You know your a parent that has Lukeimia when….
    When your kids take their vitamins and say I taking my ” meds”
    When your kids know not even to come near you unless they have done the complete hand sanitizer scrub
    When you see and wave to the local ambulance drivers at the market
    When they ask ” which doctor today , mom.”
    When eating in dinner in mommys bed is actually fun and not strange
    My heart goes out to you and your family, i pray your little one and everyone else suffering from this horrible disease is cured not today but yesterday , it’s enough already!

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