The Stinker

Bath time in our house is a HUGE event. For Gage. Not for me. Gage loves baths, mainly because he only gets them once a week. Then he is only in the bath for like fifteen minutes tops, with no splashing. While during the entire bath I am freaking out, begging Gage not to splash, and telling him to “sit down before you fall down.”

Normally Gage would be able to take a bath for as long as he wanted to, heck I have had to refill the tub with hot water half the time, he can play in the water for hours. That all changed in December when, after careful consideration and tons deliberation Gages doctors decided to take out his port. Because no matter how hard we tried, and how much medication we pumped into him, Gage kept getting candida in his blood. So with fear and trepidation, we sent Gagers back into surgery to remove his port and replace it with a temporary hickman line. Which is a pain in the butt, not only because I have to drive to the hospital every three days to get the dressing changed, because it’s an open site. But also the site can not get wet. Hence the excitement of bath time.

I have concocted my own special, Gage is gonna have a bath dressing. Which involves saran wrap and surgical tape. Poor Kid he hates this, mainly because every bath he gets, I use half a roll of the saran wrap and a whole roll of surgical tape. But Gage gets his bath, the nurses get a clean smelling baby for clinic the next day, and everybody thinks I’m a good mother for making it possible to Gage to bathe; so everybody wins.

I was begging Gage to give me the bucket, since he is on steroids right now I have to ask nicely and make it seem like he totally wants to give me the bucket. Or he might go Linda Blair on my ass, and throw him self backward in the tub, his head might start spinning; and throwing up chemo medicine on me. Come to think of it, he does that when I don’t get his food to him quick enough too. But he did give me the bucket, nice and calm like; and so I gave him an extra fifteen minutes in the tub. Ain’t I just the nicest?

9 responses to “The Stinker

  1. Yes you are just the NICEST :o)

    I love seeing Gage at bath time.. he is so cute and calm… what a gorgeous face and that belly and thighs .. super duper cute!! Gage is lucky to have, so, so lucky!!


  2. I mean to have “you”… lucky to have you, so, so lucky :o)


  3. that is the funniest thing ever! he is too cute! i love him! belly kisses gage!

  4. I just gave the person sitting in front of me at work a shower after I spit my water out reading about Gage going Linda Blair on you. Apparently, it’s bath day for more than just Gage…

  5. I’m telling you, patent that shit. Screw the lotto, this will make you rich! 😉 Love him he’s too freakin cute.

  6. Oh Lisa LOL!! That picture is the CUTEST!

  7. Cutest picture ever!! Totally love him!

  8. Even though I don’t know you, I feel somehow connected to you and Gage. Reading your blogs makes me feel like I’m there with you going though it also. You are such a strong woman to not only be able to go through this with your son but to be able to talk about it and actually laugh! God Bless you and Gage and my prayers will always be with you. May God shine his love upon your lil’ man and make him well.

  9. I swear on everything that is good, if there is one person who knows how to make light of a crappy situation- its you, Lisa. You inspire us all. Love from our family to yours!

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