The Nicest Nurses I know

His 19th birthday was yesterday. He is the only adult in the pediatric oncology unit. His chances for survival are better with the kids then the adults, so here he stays with the “babies” but he doesn’t mind, he smiles and waves as we walk by his room for the millionth time; nods his head when he recognizes something in Gagers that makes them part of the same team. The I’m too young to die team, the I’ve been through hell and back, but I’m still here fighting team.
He wanted a lap-top computer for his birthday he knew it was expensive but hoped maybe if it was a combined birthday/Christmas gift his mom could afford to get it for him. Even though he is an adult he is still just a kid who really wants something cool for his birthday, but as his birthday grew near he knew his mom could not afford a new lap-top computer for him, but that was ok because he was going home after 57 days in the hospital and that is a way better birthday present anyway.
Little did he know the nurses who work here are the best nurses anywhere, and had taken up a collection weeks ago to get the only adult oncology patient in the pediatric unit the only thing he asked for on his 19th birthday. A lap-top computer. I love our nurses, they are truly amazing people. They go out of their way to make their patients and their families happy and comfortable.
Happy 19th Birthday Big Guy.

10 responses to “The Nicest Nurses I know

  1. oh my god! crying!

  2. That’s perfect!

  3. wow!!!!! that is so amazing! those nurses are really great!

  4. Umm yeah crying! That is soooo Cool and I would say you have great nurses!!!!

  5. That’s amazing

  6. How fortunate you are to have a great staff watching over your little one.

  7. Melts my heart! Your blog is amazing Liza!

  8. meant lisa, oops, lol

  9. There are a lot of good people on the planet. It’s nice to give them recognition. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Annnnd I’m crying.

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