Parents PLEASE get your kid to write a letter to Santa and drop it off at the nearest Macys for every letter they receive they will donate $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation, even if you can’t donate money one letter can help make a childs wish come true! Last day to write a letter is December 24!! Or you can go to and you can “mail” your letter on the computer and they still donate $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation!!

Photo taken off the Macy’s website.

One response to “MAKE A WISH

  1. Sadly I dont have kids but I recently discovered I had a
    bunch of airline miles left over that I was not going to use and I
    could donate them to several organizations. One of them was the
    Make A Wish foundation so in honor of you and Gage, I donated my
    miles to them in hopes that it will help some family out there.
    Sending lots of best wishes and love to you both!

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