When Gage was first diagnosed with leukemia, I had my family bring me clothes to stay in the hospital. Obviously I wanted to be comfortable so I asked for all my yoga pants, no I don’t do yoga; I’m not that bendy. I also asked for all my cute tank tops, makeup, blowdryer, and straightener. I looked totally cute that first week, all done up like I had a yoga class to teach; in La Jolla somewhere. After Gages first horrible port surgery failure, I didn’t give a crap how I looked: and slowly after I while I morphed into the bag lady. I swear to Jeebus I didn’t wear anything with a zipper or buttons the whole month of August and half of September and my yoga pants changed to baggy sweats and vomit stained t-shirts.
This trip to the hospital was again another surprise, but this time I was in town and had to have the Hubs bring me clothes. Noting matches, and I have no socks. Oh and makeup forget about that, but he did brig me my straightener, I can live with just that. But I noticed today on our 638th lap around the halls, that the moms here only for a few days are dresses in jeans, cute tops, and super cute impractical for the hospital type shoes , and I’m rocking baggy sweats, a red fight leukemia t-shirt, a blue sweater type thing the hospital gave me that has a poop stain from Gage but I’m cold so I just roll up that sleeve a little and green hospital hospital socks. Those are the differences between a veteran hospital mom and a novice.

One of the many times Gage puked on me, but the only time the Hubs caught it on film. Oh and yes Gage is looking for a tasty bit of vomit to try and eat.

4 responses to “Differences

  1. Hahahahaha u kick ass for smiling while being covered in puke! Love ya!

  2. Sorry, I find it amusing that when you open the comment section these are the possible related posts right under yours:
    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * Yoga Graffiti Contest Update
    * You Asked/I Answered
    * Going to the chapel”

  3. hahaha im sorry but it looks like gage is thinking about eating that! yuuuuck! love that face 3 more weeks and i can give him kisses!!

  4. Oh u r the most awesomest Mom ever!!! u r smiling with puke all over u! and u let ur hubs take a pic! LOVE U

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