monday morning

Sunday nights are usual busy getting ready for Monday mornings, packing snacks, sippy’s, diaper, wipes and an over night bag “just in case,” our Mondays usually entail hitting snooze on the alarm clock at least twice before jumping out of bed and rushing around to get myself and Gage dressed and out the door, making me thankful I packed the essentials the night before. Half way down the hill SHIT! I forgot to put the EMLA (numbing cream) on Gages’ port causing me to have to turn around and end up getting to our appointment late, again.

The morning at our appointments really just depend on what phase in the chemotherapy we are in, currently we are in consolidation, (I will explain more at another time.)

I try to always make going to the Doctors as a “fun” thing even though he gets poked and proded, and we never know if our day will end with us at home or at the hosital. I sing and skip with him when we get out of the car, and as we walk past our, special oncology/hemotology waiting room I let him look in the window to show him all of the toys and other patients waiting  for him to come and play. I think because he is only seventeen months old and doesn’t understand what’s going on in his little body, that I try to make everything seem normal. Even though what our live are far from normal.

One response to “monday morning

  1. You should make a Monday Funday song or something… no? You’re doing a great job

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