1 year 1 month 14 days…

35,337,600 seconds, 588,960 minutes, 9816 hours, 58 weeks, 409 days. All normal, happy-go-lucky blissfully healthy days.

Having a baby was not in my plans, but once the stick turned pink and I calmed down enough to tell the Hubs the news we were both ready and willing; doing everything to make sure this baby had the best start possible,

Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl. I unashamedly wanted a girl who I could dress up, pierce her ears and paint her tiny little nails…heaven!

So when the technician asked if we had any ideas on what the baby was, I excitedly said “it’s a BOY!” I got a glipse of something I didn’t see when I looked down to go the bathroom; and really who wants a girl anyway? They are all drama, and boys clothes are so much more cuter!

FINALLY on June 19, 2009 at 5:22a.m. Gage came into the world all cute and pink sporting the largest cone head ever! In fact the first thing out of the Hubs mouth about his first born, were “Oh my God, he looks like an alien!’ It love at first site, I still chuckle over it to this day.

The first year was so easy, I swear! He slept through the night at two months, I nursed until he was nine months, he crawled on time, was at the top of the charts on all doctors visits and he was just so damn cute! 

The first birthday, OMG! that was the best. I don’t care that he wont remember it I will show him pictures. Do you think eighty people was a bit excessive? Well if I’d have know that in less then two months our lives were going to changed so drastically, I would have hire that ‘effing petting zoo like I wanted.

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