Wee Ghosties

I haven’t mentioned this to anybody yet, because I don’t want to sound crazier then I already am, paranoid. OK, I’m kind of nervous about this next sentence, but here is goes. I think Gage sees dead people.

Dead serious, ***no pun intended***. But do you remember the time in the hospital when Gage almost died? Well, I think that since he almost “crossed over” he was told it was not his time, and to go back. Thank you baby jeebus he listened too. I am not writing this to be funny, I swear. I truly and honestly believe with everything that I have, that Gage has become that creepy kid from The Sixth Sense.

He holds these long conversations, with absolutely no one. Conversations, with wild hand gestures and long pauses that make you believe someone or something is talking back to him. His voice rises and falls in excitement and anger. He offers his “friends” his sippy or snacks. He doesn’t talk to his living friends the same way he talks to these “friends” his whole demeanor changes, he is not shy with them or hesitant in any way. I think he feels safe with them, like a kindred spirit or something

Oddly enough non of this bothers me either. If he does have friends that are no longer in this realm, good for him. Good friends are hard to come by now a days, take ’em where you can get ’em Kid.

9 responses to “Wee Ghosties

  1. hahahaha lmao! gage your too cute! tell jean harlow i said HI!

  2. I love you Mr. Gage. You are so strong and special…and you have an awesome mom. ❤

  3. I would agree! Good friends are hard to come by.. maybe they are friends who are telling their story to Gage.. and telling him to keep on fighting. He is a loveable kid, so if I was in heaven… talking to someone on earth… I ‘d seek out Gage too!! Love you Lis!!

  4. Gage if u can see the people on the other side pinch my papa back please =-D

  5. The Green Lady. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  6. Im sure he touched the hearts of some pretty special angles that come to play with him every day. 🙂

  7. Call me crazy, but I totally believe all this stuff. Several years ago, I heard an interview with someone discussing how babies are more in tune with the spirit world. You know how babies and small children will stare into space… and yes, they seem to be talking to people who aren’t there… they wave their hands and actually “see” things that we can’t see? My kids did the same thing. The fact that Gage went through a near death experience probably does make him more open to this kind of stuff. I think it’s kind of cool.

  8. That is definately not crazy. My mother in law believes that when children are born, multiple guardian angels are assigned to them, keeping watch over the child until they grow older and no longer need more than one. Gage just has the gift of love and having an open spirit, he is probably just communicating with his angels, who are telling him how wonderful and strong he is, giving him encouragement. What an awesome kid. God has big plans for his future!

  9. Well, only speaking from my spooky self perspective, but I was that kid too. 🙂 my mother was supportive. That helped.

    I think that anyone who has had a brush with death or been close to the edge can see and experience things that others cannot. What’s that saying about the chasm between those who have suffered and those who have not?

    Anyway, thinking of you two… XO

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