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Wine Wednesday

This is my absolutely nothing to do with Gage post. This is my Wine Wednesday post, something a cool group of mommy bloggers write every week and they invited me to join in the fun. Of course this week and last, said mommies would be on vacation or Hubbies have just gotten out of the hospital, so I am the only writer this week. The pressure is on, I may need to double up on my Xanax today.

So the wine I chose for my first ever Wine Wednesday was Funf German Riesling. Funf, meaning fun in German. I basically chose this wine, because the label said it was “An easy wine to get along with” and since I’m a cantankerous bitch, I figured I better buy this wine, and the price was right $9.99 from Sprouts. So I called two of my Besties and settled on a day for wine tasting.

So I made the two hour drive “up the hill” for our little tasting. We decided not to eat a big meal with our wine, because everybody knows liquid calories are way better then solid calories. ***In my humble opinion at least*** So instead we ate cheese, apple slices, salami and crackers. Keep it simple stupid…

Our Pretty Wine Setup

When you buy a wine for $9.99 you get what you pay for. First off the biggest disappointment for me was it was a SCREW TOP! My favorite part of the wine experience is taking the cork out! So lets add another $14.99 I spent on a wine opener and $4.99 wine stoppers at Target. This is not looking good so far. My first sip of the wine…

ummm... not so good

Me: Not good, not good, not good…

Bestie: Are you kidding me? This stuff is good!

Me: Maybe it will taste better with fruit or something…

This wine had a fruity sweetness to it that after getting to the fourth sip I didn’t mind so much, but I still wasn’t sure I would finish my glass so I started to dip my apple in my drink. Much more yummy, but unfortunately I could not finish my glass, the wine was just too sweet for me. Though I would recommend it to anybody who likes a sweet wine.

Thanks for letting me participate in your Wine Wednesday Ladies! XOXO

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