Wordless Wednesday- another day of chemo


6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday- another day of chemo

  1. just got onto your blog from little miss momma’s blog, and i want you to know that you are my hero.

    you aren’t my hero because of what you are going through per se, you are my hero because you lay it all out there. the big f u to cancer.

    who wouldn’t be like that, right? i mean what are you supposed to do? i can tell you that i would be in my glass house, afraid to talk too much because i didn’t want to f something up…and i have a pretty freakin big mouth.

    i cried when i looked at Gage and read your words. and i kind of get that you don’t want me to cry over him and your family. but he is so adorable.

    and so f u cancer. how dare you reign on such cuteness.

    unfortunately for cancer…it clearly has no idea who it is messing with.

    i went and hugged mine tighter.

  2. He has the Alfred E. Newman look goin on, “what me worry?” he is to cute for words. I hope and pray for him to get better every day, Love you , Dad

  3. Now that’s a face that can make me smile no matter what. Where’s your face? I miss your face too.

  4. Your boy is absolute gorgeousness. He truly is.

    It was lovely to meet you at BBC.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this pic of Gage, seeing his face makes my day!!

    ❤ Jane

  6. I’m dropping in from Little Miss Momma-and I have to say I LOVE your blog. SO straight forward. My sister’s little girl had Neuroblastoma so I’ve kinda seen the whole thing from the outside but reading your words are like bringing my thoughts to life and I love that! Gage looks like quite the stud! These kids are all so strong- they make the rest of us look like big wimps! Thank You!

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