I did something very indulgent yesterday. I hired somebody off of craigslist to come to my house and clean up Gagers room, because even though we have been in this house for… OMG, three months as of today. The most I had gotten done in there was getting his large furniture put together, clothes and toys were always on the floor. Unpacked boxes, hangers, empty target bags I hide from the Hubs so he doesn’t see how much I actually buy ***target is like mom crack, totally addicting*** and a hospital overnight bag. Just in case. But on the floor it all was, taunting me.

Everyday I would go in Gagers room and then walk right back out again, promising myself and the Hubs that I would clean it tomorrow. Promise. Finally after three months of midnight diaper changes and almost spraining my ankle over all the crap on the floor, I took action and her name is Jovita. She is an angel in a denim jumpsuit and knock off Sketcher Shape ups. It took her two and a half hours and forty dollars but it was more than worth it for me, seriously it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I swear Jovita is just like the miracle worker the rest of my day was totally amazing, my hair looked super shiny, my makeup looked flawless, and I fit into my skinny jeans!

OK, that last part was a total lie. My skinny jeans don’t fit and I don’t see them fitting for a long time. I’d like to blame the girl scouts for that. Them and their stupid cookies…thin mints sandwiched between dark double chocolate chip galato. Yumm-O.

Honestly though, sometimes a person just needs to do what is right for them. Jovita was exactly what I needed. Firstly, because I am super lazy much to the Hubs dismay and secondly, because I finally got to put Gagers new race track carpet on the floor in his room instead of rolled up against a the wall. He totally loves it.

6 responses to “Jovita

  1. You crack me. I’m glad Jovati made your hair shiney

  2. Good for you for getting it done – whatever way it took! Sometimes I look at things and I’m like..I could do this..but it’s just too daunting – and then someone with those skill sets comes in and does it – and you feel so good that it’s almost LIKE you COULD fit into your skinny jeans 😉

    Paying for the little things that make life easier to handle and will make your life less stressful/overwhelming, if you can – is totally worth it in my person opinion. Glad to hear he loves the race track! Sounds cute – need photos of THAT! 🙂

  3. Auntie Millie

    You are DEFINITELY my sister… would much rather spend money on a housekeeper than anything else… or shall I say besides everything else… he he he!!
    Oh and it’s not you that do not fit in to those damn skinny jeans… it’s the damn skinny jeans that are suppose to conform to your body!!
    Love you!!

  4. I’m for it!!

  5. “…Target is like mom crack…” SO true!

  6. Good moring Lisa, you are so cute and so COMPELTELY HONEST! You do what most people either should of WANT to do just never DO! lol hope that make sense. Good for you. Sometimes it take a little boost to get things back on track. Gald it all worked out for you, your safe, Gage’s room is clean and all is happy. Happy Friday!

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