Wordless Wednesday: This Is Spinal Tap

7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: This Is Spinal Tap

  1. thats the worst picture ever! poor gagers! i love him!

  2. I hate this picture. I hate what he is going through, what you’re all going through. Your wordless Wens just became worth so much more…

  3. This picture breaks my heart!

  4. Makes me want to cry!! How is he feeling? Love you guys, give him a hug and lots of love for me!! I hate seeing him so sad :o(

  5. Poor baby. We are praying for all of you, praying for your strength ❤

  6. This picture breaks my heart. Poor sweet baby. I’ve had a spinal tap myself, and it is … awful. I’m happy to have landed on your blog, I don’t know you or beautiful Gage, but you’re in my prayers.


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