Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

but what about the germs?

Gage had an appointment today to get his dressing changed. Nothing new there, it was the same as every Wednesday since December. Except this time I asked the Doc when Gage would be able to go places, other than his Grandparents house.  Because lets face it we are getting pretty flippin’ board at home.

Do you know what the Doc told me? That “other than day care, Gage can go anywhere he wants because his counts are on the up and up and he is healthy.” I was taken aback on hearing that.”but, but what about the germs?” I asked. Like all of a sudden because the Doc says it’s OK, I am going to start not freaking out when ever I take Gage places. Just the idea of taking him somewhere without a mask is making me feel panicky.

Like what if I take him to mecca ***Target***  and someone coughs or sneezes on him? Do you know how many people don’t cover their coughs and sneezes?! It is absolutely disgusting! Cover your face! Gage is one of the few oncology kids to not go to the hospital because he got sick. He was admitted to the hospital for just about everything else, just not for having the common cold or flu. Thank you baby jeebus and hand sanitizer wipes.

So now that Gage has gotten the go ahead, Grandma is going to take him out tomorrow during the day, when the stores are less crowded ***note to self: give Grandma hand sanitizing wipes.*** Then Granmmy and Papa are going to take him to the San Diego Safari Park this Sunday. Which makes me less anxious since he will be outside most of the day. I  am happy Gage will get to go out but super excited because the Hubs and I will have a day to spend with just each other. Something we have not done since Gage was diagnose last August. I am totally looking forward to this weekend.