Monthly Archives: August 2011

the day before

On this day last year I was blissfully ignorant. I didn’t know that in less then 24 hours we would begin the battle for Gages life. That in a little more then a week I would be watching doctors rush around, trying to keep him alive.  I watched nurses and surgeons race him down to sugery not knowing of he would come back alive or not.

I spent all day today remembering our last “normal” wondering of I knew what I know now would I have changed how we spent the day? I can honestly answer, no, I’d do everything the same way. We went to a BBQ at our friends house, Gage road on a longboard with daddy for the first time, played with our friends new puppy Peddles we had an amazing day.

It was an amazing day. It was a normal day. A last day before chemo, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, pills and blood transfusions. Those our our normal days now.

I also remember I complained about Gage waking up every two hours at night and how moody and whiney he has become in the last few weeks. He seemed to be crying for no reason, I could not figure it out what was wrong.

Little did I know, the waking up every two hours, the moodiness, the crying and most importantly the bruising I attributed to a clumsy toddler learning to walk were all signs pointing to acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

After dwelling on August 1, 2010 all day today I can honestly say, we had a perfect day and I would not have changed it for the world.