Another day another fail

Gage went in for another lumbar puncture. He came out without having got it done, because his ANC was still too low. But whereas last week when his counts were about 200 which means he is at a high risk for infection his counts today was 695 just 55 “points” away from being pass-able. So now we go back again, next week with fingers crossed and a quick prayer, that Gage will pass and we finally get into the maintenance portion of the chemotherapy treatment.

If for some crazy reason that he doesn’t pass and his ANC is not up to 750 by May 9 or his counts go down, Gage would be scheduled for a bone marrow aspiration for the following week. Because at that point there should be no reason for his counts to have not improved.  So as long as they go up soon, I will be happy.

Gage and I at the clinic this morning. Waiting, always waiting.

4 responses to “Another day another fail

  1. Beautiful mommy and baby ❤

  2. I say, if his numbers tripled, that’s striving to succeed not failing. Gotta be glass is half full or ANC half full? ANC triple full? Not punny? Oh well…

  3. It is amazing that his numbers jumped so much in just ONE week. What an amazing little baby. I have a hopeful feeling that next week will be a good one. We will keep you guys in our prayers.

  4. praying they go up up up up!!!!

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