Bloggy Boot Camp

So I went to Bloggy Boot Camp, last Saturday and ZOMG! It was amazing, I learned so much.  I learned about blog branding from Amy Bradley-Hole, who writes over at The Bee Dot. I now know that vlogging is super important, from Mary Burt-Godwin who is the star of  Mama Mary Show. Did you know that Kathy B from Mamas Losin’ It, is super skinny and doesn’t look like she could have three kids? But that also she is a great writer. I got to sit at the same table with her at lunch, I also kinda embarrassed myself by being so hungry that I ate my lunch and dessert in like ten minutes flat. It was yumm-O.

It was such a great day, even if the weather was gloomy and we had to eat lunch in doors. We moved tables after every speaker in order to make the most of our day and socialize with our fellow writers. Which made it easier on me because lets face it, those of you who know me, know that I am socially awkward and I get very uncomfortable talking with people I don’t know. I end up chipping my nail polish off and eating too much the latter I ended up doing. From each table we moved to I met the coolest, nicest bloggers.

I met Dead Cow Girl whose business card reads: A Dominatrix has an IVF baby and moves to the ‘burbs. Hilarious Hijinks Ensues. I am now addicted to her blog. I want to know everything she does in her day to day life as a dominatrix, because HELLO, where else are you gonna find this shit out at?! Do you know what a helicopter is? No? check out her blog and you’ll find out. Because I had NO IDEA. (mom, dad, do not go on her blog)

Then there was Trisha from 3 Four and Under. Holy Hell, this girl is crafty! I want to have girl babies just to buy things she makes, she is like the cooler version of Martha Stewart as far as I am concerned. She also has some cute kids too!

There was Michelle who sell properties by the beach, and started blogging like a month ago over at Life Buy The Beach. A person can spend hours looking at the pictures of houses she has on her blog, I love it!

Ashley from Little Miss Momma, had me all blushy and embarrassed when she told me her reaction to reading my blog. She is newish to the blog world, meaning she has only been writing since February 2010 but already she get 200,000 visitors a month! I know, can you believe that, 200,000?! But when you check out her site you’ll totally understand why. She crafts, shows pictures of her adorable son W and gives cool discount codes to some awesome shops.

There was so much more to my day at Bloggy Boot Camp and I learned way more then I ever dreamed I would. I am so glad I chose to attend.

6 responses to “Bloggy Boot Camp

  1. You are SO NOT socially awkward! You are adorable and just too cute for words. I’m so happy I got to meet you, it was so fun!

  2. While I’m so bummed I didn’t get to meet you in all of the table swapping fun, I’m thrilled I found your blog and can follow your story. I have a friend who’s son is fighting a similar battle and I find such inspiration in you ladies!

  3. I wish we could have met on Saturday! I guess I’ll just have to wade through your archives instead 🙂

  4. Loved meeting you! Sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to chat. I mentioned you on my site today a little b/c I’m trying to recruit people to run the Rock the Relay rave for Team in Training in the SD Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon. Will be keeping up on Gage’s healthy via your site and running in honor of him in the half marathon. Cheers!

  5. I am so glad that we met on Saturday! You are totally not socially awkward! You and I chatted for a really long time! Thank you for saying that I’m the cooler version of Martha Stewart!

  6. Ah! Thanks for the shout out! It was indeed a wonderful day! I’m so glad I went and I’m so glad I met you!

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