We Did…

Three years ago today we were married on a boat in the San Diego harbor at sunset. Saying yes, was the smartest decision I’ve ever made. Thank you to the Hubs for giving me your last name, your love and Gage; they are the most precious gifts I have ever received.

3 responses to “We Did…

  1. Ahh, so sweet!

  2. Happy anniversary you two! Heres too Gage, that he will raise a toast on your 50th. Love, Dad

  3. So sweet. Happy Anniversary you two! This whole experience will make you stronger when you all come out together on the other side.

    From one mom to another, we are here, we are listening and we are praying. Big hugs to you. When Gage is strong & healthy enough to come to LEGOLAND, I’m sending you all there!

    Kelly, Jerry & Cash

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