I’ve tried to write about it before now, before its been almost a year, before the nightmare started all over again. When we were once again, carefree. When we worried less and laughed more. It’s just, the words don’t come as easily as they used to. The tears do though. I’m hoping with the dam broken, the words will come with it.

8 responses to “Words…

  1. Much much much much love, good thoughts into the universe and hugs being sent to you. Always. xoxoxo

  2. I am so sad with you that he has to go through this again. So sorry mama.

  3. Is everything okay with Gage? 😦 hope he is doing well

  4. I am so sad to hear of Gage’s relapse. I found your blog last June shortly after my 9 month old niece was diagnosed with ALL You and Gage are truly an inspiration. Keep strong and keep fighting because as you once said there is no other choice! When I pray for my niece I will be praying for Gage as well.

  5. Alison Mulligan-Carroll

    I found your blog before Christmas after my 2 & a half year old son was diagnosed with ALL. I am so sorry to read he has relapsed, it must be awful for you all.
    You probably don’t want to answer, so I don’t mind if you ignore me, but I would love to know how you found out he relapsed, was he on the maintenance program? I’m in Ireland so I don’t know if treatment is different here. I really hope your wonderful son is ok x

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