Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

Christmas miracle

Somewhere, in some tiny little town Jesus just appeared on a fish stick because I’m writing a blog post people! The first in like FOUR months. I know, that’s a long time to go between posts. It’s enough time to gain 15lbs, cut and color my hair, have said hair grow out an inch and a half, showing off heinous roots. ***note to self, call Tia*** Swear off pork and red meat, but still eat lumpia and menudo. The kind with cow stomach not the band with Ricky Martin. It totally doesn’t count either when it’s food you can’t live without. Most importantly it’s enough time for Gage to have ZERO leukemia related scares!

Except for that one time his B-cells were like 400 points below where they should be forcing him to need an immunoglobulin transfusion. Momma was relying’ heavily on Xanax and crossed fingers his counts would miraculously sky rocket back to where they needed to be. They didn’t. Bastard, B-cells. So transfuse we did. It was the first time Gage had been accessed* for longer then 20 minutes since getting his port back in last June.

Everything went smoothly, except the nurse didn’t insert the needle in the correct spot, so we had to re-access Gage, then blood wasn’t coming out. But a clot did. Great. Oh, and the EMLA didn’t work, so Gage felt every needle poke. All. Three. Of them. Needless to say he is now terrified of getting accessed. Finally time for I.V.I.G and it was so easy. In the end it brought up his counts over 1,500 points. Totally worth it. I hope we don’t have to do this anytime again soon.

After I.V.I.G. we went down to X-ray to see if maybe there was a kink or crack in the tubing of his port because apparently, that shit can happen. Great. Good news though, no crack. Just a small kink in the tubing because it goes around his clavicle which totally explains why if you make Gage look up and right the blood flows like a severed artery. Now just to find more reasons to make him look up and to the right. Fun times.

So as you can see only minor set backs, considering what Gage went through last year. I’ll take it.



*the kid in the YouTube video is NOT Gage.