It must be the coke…

and I’m not talking about the passport to refreshment either. But come on. How the hell does Paris Hilton “sing” “act” get paid to make appearances at clubs, be a complete waste of space in general and still have time to tweet about her completely vapid life; and I can’t find time to write a blog post since going back to work??And, do not even get me started on not remembering the last time I got my eyebrows done. Oy-vey, where are the damn tweezers?

So I guess I should start off with Gage is doing fan-fucking-tastic. Have you ever realized that by just adding fuck to a word it will totally drive your point home. Like hi-fucking-larious or re-fucking-diculous. Ohmy-fucking-god Gage has leukemia. Thankyousweet-fucking-babyjeebus Gage is in remission! Point made.

So I am back to work. It is hard, I stand on my feet all day, I am tire. All. The. Time. The insomnia that plagued me when I wasn’t working has decided to stick around. I’m starting to get used to four hours of sleep each night. OK, I’m not. Temazapam is quickly becoming my newest bestie, along with xanax and prozac.

I find it is harder than I had anticipated telling people I see on a regular basis at work, where I have been for the last nine months. Obviously all of my co-workers know, but I deal with outside people all day long, a lot who know about Gagers existence; so of course people ask about him. I told one woman, and she started crying and going on and on and on, about how sad and unfair the world is. I ended up feeling bad! So now, I am very selective on who I tell about Gage. It’s not that I don’t want people to know. Hello! BLOGGING HERE! But it is so much easier telling you people; who I can’t see then telling a person standing right in front of me. I just can’t handle the looks I get.

6 responses to “It must be the coke…

  1. I still laugh at “passport to refreshment”. Now, please insert witty comment here

  2. Oh I know what u mean when ppl automatically feel bad for you when u tell them about your child w cancer. Then they get all teary in front of you. You dun even know what to say after that. Awkward sometimes.

    Hope things get better with you with work. We r going thru a steroids week an it’s not fun at all. I got the “I don’t like you”, followed by a “I hate you” yesterday. Argh. This week shall pass.

    Glad to hear Gage doing so well.

  3. WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear Gage is doing well, mama! Maybe now mama can relax, just a little 🙂

  4. That’s something that brings a smile to my face: Remission.

    Paris can sucks it
    oh wait she has
    on a video or something
    through the nose.

    there i’ve done my good AND bad dead for the day. The universe is in equality again.

    But seriously, like I said on Twitter, direct message our butts, Reiki will come flying across the sky!


  5. auntie millie

    Hang in there! Sleep more.. maybe if you visited your sister in Tarzana things would be good and the stars would align!! Love u!!

  6. That’s such great news Mama!! I totally get the whole “I don’t want to talk about it anymore” thing…especially when it’s something that brings that kind of reaction. Just start handing out your card, “you want an update…here read this…and bring me some page views while you’re at it.”

    Yay for Gage. Yay for normalcy. And Yay for good hardworking fan-fucking-tastic drugs.

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